Chef Bader Alshayji’s dishes and Emirgan Sutis
16 January 2020

A tasteful match made in heaven

Winter just got a whole lot delicious! Popular Influencer and food addict, Bader Al-Shayji is all set to share six specially stylised recipes with all food lovers at Emirgan Sutis in The Avenues this December. Adding another dimension of flavour seems to be the theme this winter season for Sutis and the new menu seems to be the icing on the cake.

The items on the new menu promise to give all foodies a unique and different experience of food worth remembering. The must have roasted chicken, the rich beetroot rice and doner, the lazeez Kofteh sliders and melted cheese, the melt-in-your-mouth Kalkan cheese kofteh, the mountain of taste Loqma mountain and the sweetest of them all, Firin Helva that brings a wide smile on Bader Al-Shayji’s face.

Sutis truly is one of Kuwait’s best Turkish cuisine restaurants, the dining experience being a medium of rendezvous with the streets of Istanbul. Yet, it is more than just the impeccable food. The aura of the ambience mesmerises food lovers and keeps them coming back for more. All of the above coupled with Turkish music, a dynamic and multicultural staff and the luscious food of course, makes Sutis so hard to resist.

This winter, with friends or with family, Sutis is the perfect place to be. Even more so with all the new dishes on the menu. Let creativity flourish and let your taste buds be surprised as you indulge in an intimate and personal dining experience that will ensure memories filled with moments of happiness.

"We want our customers to have the perfect dining experience and want them to feel as if they have walked into Istanbul, Turkey. A hearty meal filling their stomachs and a wonderful experience filling their hearts is all that we want", says Emirgan Sutis’s team, Kuwait.

Come dine and Sutis and taste for yourself and embrace the thought of having an experience you shall never forget. Routine is boring, try the Turkish delights and add new flavours to your life.

About Emirgan Sutis:

Impeccable flavours, Turkish music, and a royal ambience is what makes Emirgan Sutis any foodies dream experience. One of the largest, if not the largest Turkish restaurant in Kuwait, Sutis ensures that each customer gets a taste and feel of Turkey through their dining experience. Boasting a rich food and breakfast menu in addition to the milky desserts, Sutis continues to give the customers the sweetest memories since almost half a century by serving the most delicious food ever.