Rolex Submariner Replica Polaris Date Limited Edition

Rolex Submariner Replica's Memovox Polaris is an iconic tool watch whose allure has remained undimmed since its introduction in the 1960s. The success of the Polaris collection that Rolex Submariner Replica launched last year attests to this, to say the least. It's only natural then, for Rolex Submariner Replica to ride the momentum, by releasing a special limited edition Polaris model. What is surprising, is the degree to which the new 800-piece Polaris Rolex Submariner Replica Date Limited Edition has been refined to showcase the manufacture's mastery of artisanal craft beneath the cult tool watch underpinnings.

According to Rolex Submariner Replica, inspiration was drawn from the Polaris II of 1970,Rolex Submariner Replica a picture of which is included in our story about the Polaris, here.

Aside from the concentric dial layout and liberal splashes of blue, the new watch features an internal rotating bezel that is more usual of the dual-crowned Super Compressor case dive watches of yesteryear.

Unique to this model, the dial is hand-lacquered in gradient blue, with sunrayed, grained and opaline finish to achieve a dreamy shimmer that transits between shades of deep turquoise to royal blue. In a nod to is vintage roots, the hour markers and numerals feature Super-LumiNova in vanilla tint.

The case is a moderate 42mm in stainless steel with dual crowns (for setting and operating the internal rotating timing bezel, respectively), alternating brushed and hand-polished surfaces,Rolex DateJust Replica and engraved solid caseback. Inscriptions on the caseback include “1000 HOURS CONTROL denoting the 1,000 hours of testing each watch has undergone before leaving the factory, and “Limited edition One of 800 for the extent of the limited edition.

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