Al-Hajery was one of the first companies to supply life saving drugs to the Ministry of Health and continue to be one of their major suppliers. In the early sixties, Al-Hajery were also among the first to supply the Co-ops and as a result has established strong trade relationships and achieved major market shares in a number of product categories.
Since the very beginning, the management worked on developing what is today an exceptionally strong marketing base, enabling Al-Hajery to be looked upon as a leader in this field in Kuwait. Al-Hajery sets itself apart from
its competitors by the high level of innovation, integrity and excellent infrastructure. The company’s corporate philosophy has continually evolved along with the ever-changing world of commerce. At Al-Hajery we combine innovative systems, based on advanced technologies and new marketing principles, with our legacy of integrity and focus on our clients' needs.
Al-Hajery is one of the most desired and preferred distributors for over 200 brands within Kuwait. “Desired and preferred” are the distinguishing references coming from premier manufacturers that Al-Hajery represents in the Kuwaiti marketplace.
Our Brand Managers within the marketing departments are highly experienced and focused to better serve consumer demands on all levels while our sales departments thrive to optimize points of sales. Our teams are structured and specialized by trade sector enabling us to offer our customers complete satisfaction and offer full benefit to our brands through uninterrupted availability on the shelves backed up with latest merchandizing innovations and techniques.  
Our unsurpassed knowledge of the Kuwaiti market has resulted in long lasting relationships with our brand partners. Al-Hajery extensive distribution network reaches every retail channel and we have earned the trust of the Kuwaiti retailers over decades, offering a broad range of services including distribution, sales and marketing, and operational expertise from supply chain management to merchandising. Al-Hajery advanced information systems maximize efficiency and ensure top quality client support.