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An important category that has been added recently to our organization is ‘Cafes and Restaurants’. This section is responsible for the operation of many of our most famous brands, such as Haagen Dazs Café which was one of our first achievements in this area. We serve our famous ice cream in a cozy atmosphere along with our delicious coffee, Illy Café.
We have expanded and currently run 5 Haagen Dazs café’s across Kuwait

In the past year we opened Espressamente Café serving Illy Café with an Italian twist. We also launched Sutis, a Turkish restaurant that serves delicious Turkish cuisine.

Dilmah T-bar: the concept is simply enjoying various tea flavors from Sri Lanka in a colorful lounge atmosphere with soft snacks.

Last but not least, our very own “Central Kitchen” to create the delicious fresh cuisine that will be ready to be served in our restaurants and cafes by our very own professional chef.
This department’s team works on providing the highest quality services and cuisine to attain customers’ maximum satisfaction, which led the team members to be like a family. That’s what we are in Al-Hajery Group, one big family.  

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