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Among Al-Hajery’s core business activities, sales and distribution of high quality food and non-food consumer goods play an important role. The FMCG division provides suppliers with comprehensive sales and marketing strategies, tailor made to suit each brand’s requirements that deliver superior and successful results.
The FMCG is split into the food and non-food divisions.
The food is split into two departments and the non-food is split into three departments. Each department is headed by a Brand Manager and a Sales Manager along with his dedicated sales team. Each department is independent and seeks to cater to all customer segments of Kuwait’s diverse and multi-ethnic population. Each department has highly trained and experienced staff, ensuring exceptional product and market knowledge, forming one of the most efficient and effective sales force in the country.
The FMCG, in collaboration with its suppliers builds brands, develops and implements programs to create, stimulate and maintain brand image, product market shares and sales.
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